Mehdi Ghafourifar is a member of the Pillarton Advisory Team. He is the Chairman of Pillarton Corporation, a strategic advisory firm that provides capital, management, as well as Mergers & Acquisitions services to emerging and rapidly expanding businesses. He is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of solid business and executive experience and a visionary with a special ability to conceive and implement new projects and attract the appropriate team members.

Mr. Ghafourifar is the author of the groundbreaking book, Univetica: Compelling Change, as well as a series of interdisciplinary, query-based curricula that inspire innovation, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking. During his career, he has raised millions of dollars in equity capital, built critical partnerships and alliances, and successfully sold, merged and acquired various ventures.

He also serves on the Business and Growth Forces at Entefy Inc., an advanced AI & automation company serving SMB and large global enterprises across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

His client portfolio has included thousands of companies and executives in 350 business categories including technology, health, energy, financial services, travel, entertainment, retail, education, business & professional services, manufacturing, and real estate.

Mr. Ghafourifar served as executive advisor to vPresentation, a leading provider of innovative rich media and e-marketing solutions. Using the latest in interactive technology, vPresentation has developed a proprietary sales and marketing system that allows users to cost-effectively communicate with more people in less time – all in a web-based environment available to millions of people around the globe. Mr. Ghafourifar’s strategic design and execution reduced the Company’s development costs by 43% while increasing productivity by 130% and boosting margins by 220% within three quarters.

Mr. Ghafourifar has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Hiller Aviation, a non-profit organization that brings together historical, educational and technological resources to create exhibits and programs which increase public awareness of science and aviation. He played an integral part in the development of the overall business strategy and marketing structure. During his term, the organization witnessed tremendous growth and improvement in many areas including its flagship event, the Vertical Challenge – the largest helicopter show in the country. As a result of superb execution by all board members, managers, and staff, the event’s paid attendance, overall revenue, and membership sales increased 65%, 70%, and 258% respectively over the previous year.

Previously, Mr. Ghafourifar served as the Chairman and CEO of BeRead Corporation, a global network designed to efficiently match writers with publishers, agents, industry service providers and general readers within the vast literary market. The company developed its robust BeMatched system providing a democratized platform that ultimately rids the fragmented literary market of its inefficiencies and restrictions.

Mr. Ghafourifar was also the founder, Chairman and CEO of Tradius Corporation, a business services company that managed, marketed and processed transactions for a fully integrated global payment system that included a proprietary currency, credit card and online services. He was responsible for management and all financial matters including financial planning, equity capital and shareholder relations. He created the senior management team and assembled the board of directors comprised of prominent business leaders. His clear vision regarding the dynamic future of private currencies on the Internet, led the Tradius payment system to surpass the competition and to become the most innovative solution in its industry. He authored several pending patents on global payment processes and structures. Under his leadership, the Tradius payment system was acquired by a national company.

He supports various non-profit groups and serves on the Board of Directors of Schools for Humanity, a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to creating a world where anyone has free and open access to practical life skills education.

Mehdi Ghafourifar's past inventions include core technology processes and systems to enable multi-seller electronic marketplace transactions, real-time credit and private payment processing, and security in web-accessible databases. In his current role with Entefy, Mehdi is a named inventor on several issued and pending patents in communication technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data privacy.

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